Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heart of the Forest

Lyra wondered who might live in the hidden cottage at the heart of the forest...



The highly ornate jeweled necklaces worn by royalty in Medieval paintings and Stained Glass.


Whip Hill Park & Estate, Oak & Hickory Forest  Stoneham, MA

...celebrating the beauty of New England!


  1. Oh my, it is as if you could step through the stone to the forest beyond, perfectly framed by your gifted hands.


  2. This piece is just amazing Jen-truly from a magic and enchanted forest-I feel that by wearing this amazing piece one could enter a portal to another world of ruined castles over grown with moss,and ivy where all kinds of fae creatures live. I am stunned again and again by your creations. I love the tudor building in the backgroud as well!